Kelli Kissack
Kelli is the Editor of Ecommerce Magazine, which exists to highlight digital innovation in the fast-growing industry of e-commerce.
Dec 28, 2017
Welcome To Ecommerce Magazine
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Dear Reader,

I’m thrilled to welcome you to Ecommerce Magazine, the second publication in the Octane AI media network!

Ecommerce Magazine is a celebration of the industry, with guides to selling, building a brand, inspiring profiles of retail and ecommerce entrepreneurs, and more. This is a place for ecommerce professionals and entrepreneurs to gather, share knowledge and be encouraged and inspired. If you work in ecommerce or are interested in ecommerce, bookmark Ecommerce Magazine now.

This publication exists to celebrate the amazing people who are driving the future of commerce and changing the way the world does business. It is made of small business owners, founders, CEOS, CMOs, VPs of Ecommerce, and everyone in-between. We are continually inspired by the amazing energy and passion of the many ecommerce professionals we interview each month. We’ve interviewed 70+ experts for the launch of this magazine, and we plan to continually profile leaders doing great things in ecommerce.

I am your editor, Kelli Kissack, and I look forward to serving you through this publication. Always feel free to drop me an email at Our friends and Octane AI co-founders Ben Parr and Matt Schlicht are also serving the community, but in a behind-the-scenes and advising fashion.

We are all so excited to see this publication and community grow and serve even more people! If you are interested in being a contributor or expert for Ecommerce Magazine, apply here.

We hope you will check out our new magazine. Follow Ecommerce Magazine on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or subscribe to our ecommerce newsletter.

All The Best,

Kelli Kissack

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