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Octane AI Quiz, Messenger, SMS

Fuel faster growth and personalization with Octane AI’s all-in-one platform for Quizzes, Facebook Messenger & SMS automation, and opt-in tools.
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Connect: Collect data with engaging, no-code quizzes, and grow marketing lists faster with customizable opt-in tools for Email, Messenger & SMS.
Convert: Create experiences your customers love with engaging quizzes. Recover lost sales w/ flows on Facebook Messenger & SMS.
Retain: Get to know customers from their first site visit and build lifelong relationships with personalized Messenger, SMS and Facebook ads.
Why Use Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing is a huge opportunity for ecommerce businesses:

  • An average of 75% of people who add something to their cart will never complete their purchase.
  • Right now you send abandoned cart emails to the customers you have email addresses for (wooo!).
  • only have 5-20% of their emails, so the majority of these customers just vanish into thin air. You have no way to contact them (booo!).
  • Octane AI's Messenger Marketing platform enables you to send follow up messages to over 90% of people who abandon their carts (and you don't even need to get them to do anything new).

Messenger marketing campaigns get higher open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates than email. Welcome to the future of marketing automation. What are you waiting for?

An Automated Messenger Concierge For Your Customers
Setup an automated and interactive chatbot to supercharge your ecommerce business.
  • Increase customer happiness.
  • Strengthen your brand.
  • Drive sales.
  • Abandoned Cart Messages With Pre-checked Messenger Opt-in Checkbox
  • Automatically Answer Customer Questions
  • Automically Help Customers Find Products
  • Receipt Messages
  • Shipping Messages
  • Interactive Broadcasts
  • Welcome Series
  • Intelligent Drip Campaigns
  • Automatically Message People Who Comment on Facebook
  • Segment Customers
  • Collect Location, Email, and More
  • Track Revenue and Engagement
Octane AI is the only chatbot platform dedicated exclusively to ecommerce.
Recapture Your Abandoned Carts
Octane AI adds a tiny Facebook-powered pre-checked checkbox below your Shopify store's "Add to cart" buttons. Whenever a customer clicks "Add to cart," they are automatically saved by Octane AI, their shopping actions are tracked, and abandoned cart campaigns are sent automatically over Facebook Messenger.
Automated Conversations That Lead to Sales
Every message sent from your Octane AI concierge is 100% customizable by you. Craft your messages to represent your brand and delight your customers.
Help Customers Find the Right Product
Octane AI Product and Gift Finders help guide customers to the product they want to buy.
Automate Your Frequently Asked Questions
Octane AI Smart Responses let you create conversational responses to the most common questions your customers ask. You no longer have to answer the same questions all the time!
Customer Friendly
Customers can easily opt-in and opt-out of future messages with the click of a button. We care deeply about the customer experience and customer satisfaction.
Revenue Dashboard
Use your Octane AI revenue dashboard to track conversions, volume, average cart value, recovered revenue, and more. We show you every data point you would ever want to see about your store.
Packed With Features
  • Abandoned cart campaigns over Messenger
  • Welcome Messages
  • Push Notifications
  • Product and Gift Finders
  • Shipping Notifications
  • Receipts
  • Purchase Follow-ups
  • Location Targeting
  • Smart Responses
  • Data Collection
  • Drip Campaigns
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • And More!
*Free 14-day trial *From $29 / month for 250 Monthly Engaged Customers included *$0.150 per additional Engaged Customer *$0.015 per SMS Message *From entrepreneur to enterprise—we have a plan perfect for your store. *Designed to scale with your business.
Trusted By Top Stores and Brands
We are proud to fuel growth for thousands of Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. Customers include GoPro, Doyoueven, Spongelle, Skinny Mixes, Milk Snob, Warner Music Group, and many more growth-seeking stores. "Octane is a true partner and helping us to provide the better customer experience and drive increased revenue. We have seen a significant increase in our sales and customer's happiness as we can help our customers find the best product fit for them to purchase." ~ Derma Essentia
Created By Experts
Octane AI was built by a team hailing from Stanford, Northwestern, Google, Mashable, and Etsy. We're backed by top-tier investors, including General Catalyst, Bullpen Capital, Boost VC, and more.
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