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Pinterest for Ecommerce: How to Leverage an Underused Marketing Channel

Mar 20, 2019 by Nick Perry posted in Ecommerce, Social Media

What You Need to Know About Pinterest Product Pins

The growth of ecommerce has resulted in an overhaul of many social media platforms to facilitate advertising and marketing initiatives. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, this fact is almost annoyingly obvious for the end user. A consumer casually searches for a new pair of shoes, decides not to buy, and suddenly they can’t escape those shoes in their social media feeds.

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Meet Afterpay: The Shop Now, Pay Later Method Used by Top Ecommerce Merchants

Mar 18, 2019 by Taran Soodan posted in Ecommerce, Interviews

We recently met and interviewed Nick Molnar, the Founder and CEO of Afterpay at Shoptalk. Afterpay allows merchants to offer flexible payment options upon checkout. Instead of paying for an order in full, customers can now pay for an order in 4 equal payments. Used by top merchants like Kylie Cosmetics, Steve Madden, ThirdLove and more, Afterpay has become of the premier payment services for merchants.

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Interview: Pinterest Announces New Shopping Features at Shoptalk

Mar 15, 2019 by Jacob Elson posted in Ecommerce, Social Media, Interviews

We recently had the chance to interview Pinterest at Shoptalk. They announced new features allowing brands to upload their products to Pinterest and create shoppable feeds so customers can find and purchase exactly what they're looking for. We spoke to Amy Vetter and Tim Weingarten about what's next for Pinterest. 

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Interview: How ZX Ventures Innovates in the Beer Industry

Mar 14, 2019 by Taran Soodan posted in Ecommerce, Retail, Conferences, Interviews

We recently interviewed David Kestenbaum of ZX Ventures at Shoptalk. ZX Ventures is the global growth and innovation group with AB InBev, the world's leading brewer. They have noticed how ecommerce businesses are changing the game for traditional retailers and they are adapting to how consumers are now buying beer and other beverages. 

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Meet Blume: The Ecommerce Startup Revolutionizing Self-care and Period Products

Mar 7, 2019 by Taran Soodan posted in Ecommerce, Shopify, Interviews

Self-care is the New Going Out

Meet Blume, an ecommerce startup focused on providing safe, sustainable period products for women and girls. Originally started in Toronto as Ellebox and co-founded by sisters, Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, Blume re-branded in early 2018 to adapt even more to their audience's needs. 

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Deciding Which Ecommerce Tools are Right for your Business

Mar 3, 2019 by Bart Mroz posted in Ecommerce, Shopify

Deciding which ecommerce tools are right for your business

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2019 Tips for Improving Landing Page Conversions

Feb 28, 2019 by Robert Woo posted in Ecommerce, Conversion Optimization

E-commerce landing pages have a sort of Red Queen effect: they have to keep evolving just to keep up in the ever-changing online landscape.

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The 10 Best Shopify Apps for Direct To Consumer Brands

Feb 24, 2019 by Arri Bagah posted in Ecommerce, Shopify, Chatbots, Conversion Optimization

The 10 Best Shopify Apps for Direct To Consumer Brands

The number one question I get all the time is, “What are the best apps on the Shopify App Store right now?”

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How Direct to Consumer Brands Use Facebook Messenger Marketing

Feb 18, 2019 by Arri Bagah posted in Ecommerce, Shopify, Messenger Marketing, Social Media

5 DTC Brands Doing Messenger Marketing Right in 2019

Facebook Messenger marketing has become very popular over the past 3 years. Many Direct To Consumer brands (DTC) implementing it have seen significant results in driving revenue, automating support and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Why Amazon Doesn’t Have to be the Enemy

Jan 16, 2019 by Bart Mroz posted in Ecommerce, Retail

Why Amazon Doesn’t Have to be the Enemy

We simply can’t ignore the powerhouse that is Amazon. In 2016, 43% of all U.S. online retail sales came from the online marketplace. While most physical retail stores are struggling to stay relevant in an Internet-centric environment, Amazon is only growing, even seeing its highest numbers to date this past quarter. But while Amazon’s success is impressive, ecommerce retailers have become somewhat disillusioned with the world’s biggest online marketplace and wonder whether or not Amazon is their friend or foe.

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