Katie Krische
Nov 1, 2019
11 Ecommerce Podcasts You Need to Listen To
We've pulled together a list of the ultimate ecommerce podcasts to listen to today for relevant strategy and insights for DTC brands.
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If you opened this post, you probably don’t need to be sold on the value of podcasts for ecommerce businesses. Before I began writing this post, I researched some statistics explaining the growing ubiquity of the podcast medium, hoping to justify why podcasts are valuable tools for engaging and retaining customers. I wanted to establish a little weight for the following list but this is Ecommerce Magazine. You don’t need to be sold; you came here because you’re a seller.
The expansion of podcasting hasn’t missed the ecommerce industry. So, if you’ve been hankering for a new podcast to binge, the following are all interesting and exceedingly practical listens.
1. Ecommerce Fuel
Ecommerce Fuel is an online platform for 7-figure online businesses, putting them in an interesting niche. They’re not ultra-exclusive but it is reserved for businesses that are already thriving. As such, the podcast is tailored to ecommerce business owners who have had a certain measure of success but are at the crossroads of scaling or plateauing. Regardless of your ecommerce businesses’ current status, the Ecommerce Fuel Podcast provides excellent insight into what it takes to level up in this competitive industry.
2. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast
Shopify is the world’s leading ecommerce platform so it would make sense that a podcast on them is a must-listen, right? Important note: This is not sponsored by or affiliated with Shopify, it’s operated and curated by experienced Shopify users who know the platform and the ecommerce landscape. That’s what makes it special — there are no special interests at play. From Google Ads to copywriting, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast brings in real experts to provide personal testimony of how to make it in ecommerce.
3. Klaviyo
The Klaviyo podcast is pretty new, but extremely valuable. One of Boston’s fastest emerging companies, Klaviyo provides email marketing automation solutions for ecommerce brands. Their position — working on the B2B side for B2C brands — gives their podcast a unique twist. It’s an effective resource for ecommerce marketing strategies as well as learning what’s the hot button topics are in the industry at large.
4. Ecommerce Fastlane
Ecommerce Fastlane, like its name suggests, cuts right to the chase. This interview-based podcast brings in successful names from around the ecommerce world to share their specific insights on how to build an ecommerce business. Each conversation focuses on specific, actionable tips that you can apply to your unique business model, ensuring that there’s something for every listener.
4. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast
Quitting your job and working for yourself — that’s the ecommerce dream, right? That’s the subject of this entertaining podcast that caters to aspiring entrepreneurs. Featured guests are all accomplished ecommerce business owners who did just what the title says; they took their ideas, quit their jobs, and turned their passion into a self-employed career. Every episode is chock-full of actionable takeaways to help you get your idea moving. Check out the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast.
5. Ecommerce Conversations, from Practical Ecommerce
Practical Ecommerce cuts through the jargon and noise of the ecommerce space to deliver down-to-earth commentary that anybody can understand. That’s just what the podcast does, as well. Perfect for people just starting out in the ecommerce world, Ecommerce Conversations covers topics like marketing, branding, analytics, ecommerce platforms, and much more in an easily accessible way.
6. Mixergy Podcast
Hosted by ecommerce entrepreneur Andrew Warner, the Mixergy podcast is an interview-based show where listeners hear the answers to some of the toughest questions successful entrepreneurs faced along their way. With over 1,000 interviews in its archive, this podcast is a near inexhaustible resource for personal success stories, inspiration, and understanding the pitfalls to avoid.
7. Future Commerce
Hosted by Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, Future Commerce is a weekly podcast which covers 'what's new and what's next' in commerce. They host experts who are redefining the DTC brand landscape from executives at RXBar and Mizzen + Main to subject matter experts like Emily Singer or Sucharita Kodali. Beyond strategy, they don't shy away from talking about ecommerce technology and what brands should be using today. This is a great resource for valuable insights, relevant tips, and lively discussion.
8. The Fizzle Show Podcast
Started by three friends, The Fizzle Show features a refreshing amount of humor and entertainment. Ecommerce can’t always be such serious business, you know! Effectively blending practical business advice, inspiration, and humor, it’s an easy listen with plenty of actionable insight to glean.
9. Shopify Masters
Like The Unofficial Shopify Podcast in that Shopify is a primary subject, unlike The Unofficial Shopify Podcast in that Shopify is actually affiliated with Shopify Masters! While TUSP hits the technical and operational specifics of running an ecommerce company, Shopify Masters spends more time in conversation with ecommerce leaders to learn their stories and understand the lessons they’ve learned along the way. You’ll find the inspiration, motivation, and, yes, some practical knowledge you need to grow your business.
10. Forever Jobless
Launched out of Billy Murphy’s blog of the same (excellent) name, Forever Jobless is a predominantly personal account of how to make a living on your own in ecommerce. Murphy’s history of in-depth and comprehensive blogging about various entrepreneurship topics translates perfectly to the podcast format where he can share even more insights from his online business ventures.
11. Entrepreneurs On Fire
This podcast is on fire!! No confirmation on whether or not Alicia Keys listens to this daily but she surely would if she was trying to build an ecommerce business. Unlike the others, this podcast releases daily inspiration and motivation, which is essential for a challenging, non-linear business like ecommerce. With hundreds of podcasts already in the archives, you won’t have to search long for inspiration when you need it.
Check out the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast.
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