Ryan MacInnis
Ryan MacInnis is Director of Marketing at Voysis, the complete voice AI platform for ecommerce.
Jan 18, 2018
Why Every Small Business Needs To Pay Attention To Voice
It will soon be the first point of contact between ‘man’ and machine.
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Voice is going to be the next interface we interact with – there’s no disputing it. With over 30 million voice-enabled devices to be sold by the end of the year and 50% of search to be done with voice by 2020, we’re at the precipice of what’s possible.

The good news is that because it's early, there is still time for you to get involved and truly understand how voice can help your business.

That’s why we put together three reasons why businesses of all sizes and other ecommerce professionals need to start paying attention to voice.

Voice search


1. Voice helps attract and retain your most loyal customers

Gen Z, or the next wave of young consumers, are going to be the largest generation in the world very soon. With over 50 percent of teens in the U.S already using voice for product information and store hours, we’ll see voice play an even larger role in the buyer lifecycle.

Here’s what Euclid CEO Brent Franson recently told Retail Dive.

“This is not a generation that is mobile-digital-phone only. The narrative around wanting and seeking experiences in physical locations isn’t going away. But the proliferation of information and the ease of accessing information — the ability to be highly sophisticated in your buying decisions — that bar is lower than it’s ever been.”

In a world where everyone is fighting for loyal customers, you need to do all you can to stand out as a brand.

Discounted deals and free shipping simply aren’t enough. Not only is a voice offering unique, but it’s a fundamental utility; voice helps people find what they’re looking for much faster and much more efficiently than any other device.

And when you’re thinking about your USP or what your unique brand or message is, voice gives you an additional interface that’s memorable and that can connect on a deeper level with customers. 

Voice Shopping


2. Amazon is a fierce competitor; you need to stand out

No matter your size, every retailer and ecommerce brands sees Amazon lurking in the distance.

Whether through competitive offerings or targeting their customers, it’s become clear that Amazon is now close to ⅔ of the entire ecommerce market. On Black Friday alone, Amazon was responsible for more than 50% of all online revenue. And the top purchase? Amazon products.

So, what can you do?

You can come at them head on. Whether you use Alexa, Google, or someone like Voysis, you’re leveling the playing field by focusing on a digital strategy that stands out.

Amazon is a place that is only going to grow in terms of impact. More than 50% of product searches are happening on Amazon first, and not Google. So when you get that chance to make an impression, use voice to give shoppers a reason to stay.

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3. Voice is the new mobile device

Just like when the mobile phone came out, we saw a slow adoption rate, and then a rocket ship of adoption and production of competitors.

Now is the time to start the conversation and figure out what a voice-powered commerce experience looks like. In the beginning of 2017, 1% of retailers were implementing a voice strategy. Today, it’s nearly 50%.

The good news is that you’re in a great spot to get started, and an even better spot to learn as much as possible to develop a voice strategy that drives real impact for your business.

In addition to voice search, learn about our tools that can help you grow your ecommerce business with Messenger. 

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